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Feliz Axalan

-a year ago

"All their drivers have always been punctual, well-dressed and very polite. I was surprised they didn't charge extras for my transfers at 4AM! I'm happy to have found a reliable service I could use in the long run..."

Dan Milham

-6 months ago

"Taxi was on time, friendly and well priced. We were able to book our ride on line from the train on the way to Budapest. We would gladly use them again..."

Ana Cebotari

-10 months ago

"Helpful and on time . My mother had a good experience, since she doesn't speak English nor Hungarian, the driver as well as the agency were very nice to help her with directions, to get her on time from airport to the train station..."

Tamuna Beridze

-two years ago

"I arrived to Budapest from Vienna on a train. A taxi driver, who was very neat and polite was waiting for me exactly as agreed on platform 13. While driving he kept telling me around how much time we had to get to airport, which I found very considerate..."

Karen Van Gundy

-a year ago

"I needed a ride to the airport, and I was able to make my reservation easily--online and in English--only one day in advance. The appointment was confirmed via email, and I was able to get an estimate in Euros or Hungarian Forints..."

Griet Prims

-2 months ago

"We are very happy with the service,everything went perfect! The cab was on time, even in the middle of the night! The driver was very friendly!..."